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How healthy is your soil?



How biodiverse is your soil?  Are cover crops for you?

Unlock your plants full potential with our liquid chitosan adjuvant.




Understanding Chitosan and it's role in plant protection/production.









Solutions for a more efficient and sustainable crop production  system.


Products and services

As agricultural producers we have made great strides with GMO traits, site specific farming, and fertility to enhance our production.  NSB Services was started in part by recognizing that the current GMO traits are limited in value in some situations, and we have pushed our soil to its limits as far as productivity.  We offer products that enhance your pesticide applications, build up your soil biology, minimize losses from pests, and give you a non GMO option for seed.  All products are backed by multiple years of research both public and private.

About us

With lower commodity prices, it is important as ever to maximize your production efficiency.  Although there is no silver bullet, we believe if you have a balanced soil biology, enhance your plant own defenses, and utilize other options for your commodities.  You can achieve the most with each dollar invested.  Contact us for a no obligation visit.

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