Understanding soil fertility levels is a basic place to start in any production system.  Is your soil in a good balance to maintain at an efficient level of productivity?  We offer products that enhance your soils ability to produce efficiently.

Based in Kansas our products are proven to perform locally and nationally.  We strive in personalized service to our clients, locally and regionally.
NDVI Imagery
Plant Health Stimulant

 Utilize the power of Chitosan in your operation whether it be traditional grain crops, alfalfa, vegetable, grapes, golf/turf, hydroponics, and greenhouse.  OMRI certified products available.  

Non GMO/Conventional/Organic Seed

NSB Services will add NDVI imagery in 2017.  We will accomplish this with a NDVI camera mounted on a drone.  This will enable real time information instead of waiting for satellite imagery.

Whether you are a commercial or organic crop producer, we have you covered for your seed needs.  We give you the option to pay for what you need in our non GMO hybrid/varieties.                                                           

Soil Amendment/Bio-Stimulant

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