Soil Enhancer

We offer a foliar micronutrient, manufactured with food grade nutrients, tank mixed with pesticides to enhance the activity of the pesticide and minimize crop response.  Our micronutrient performs well with glyphosate to enhance performance of target weeds and to minimize crop response and recovery time after application.  EXCELLENT SPRAY SOLUTION pH BUFFER!


For years as agricultural producers, we have accomplished great things with fertility, pest management, site specific, and biotechnology.  What we have not accomplished is building our soils.  Our soil enhancer product can change that, by supplementing and building up soil bacteria and fungi, offering multiple benefits.  We have a certified organic product for the organic market.

Products & Services

Plant health stimulant?  Chitosan is an all natural adjuvant that unlocks your plants natural ability by enhancing its own natural defenses.  Results witnessed.  Quicker regrowth on turf.  Less disease pressure.  Significantly less insect pressure.  Significant yield increase in vegetable production.  Higher feed value in forage.  Higher brix values in fruit.  Just to name a few.  We now have an Organic Certified product.

Plant Health Stimulant
Our crop production products will meet or exceed your expectations whether you are a conventional or organic crop producer.

Conventional/Organic Seed


We offer non-GMO, conventional and organic hybrid seed corn, soybeans, and sorghum.

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